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Porsche Cayenne Custom Wheel Rims.

Porsche Cayenne Custom Wheel Rims.

It is one of the most loved SUVs on the market, the Porsche Cayenne in its newest Generation. We offer this sports SUV a very nice package in 22 or 23 Inches. On the front we go with 22x10,0 (23x10,0) and on the rear with 22x11,0 (23x11,0). Nowadays, many ask for concavity, but at least 40% of our customers want the luxury style known in Monaco, which means slight concave or flat design. This is because the car does not look like a "Tuning Car," and that's what the luxury clientele is asking. Whatever you prefer, be sure we make it and in a way like nobody else.

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If Monoblock or Multi-Piece, LOMA is always your first choice.