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Porsche Panamera Body Kit with Custom Wheels.

Porsche Panamera Body Kit with Custom Wheels.

Porsche Panamera Body Kit with Custom Wheels transforms your luxury sedan into something extraordinary. It's time to give the Panamera a new look. The new Carbon Evolution Aero package by LOMA brings aerodynamic benefits and provides the car with an irresistible look. Our carbon is manufactured in the autoclave process and is available in standard carbon or in the new forged carbon. The own taste sets the tone here. The rear diffuser could also come from Porsche's racing department. Not too much, but so that you can see immediately, the guy here has steam under the bonnet. At the front, one sees clearly more. The front lip is very dominant and leaves no doubt under the bonnet. Lateral gills allow the airflow to flow perfectly to the side of the vehicle, reducing the wind noise even more on fast motorway trips. A double bill at the front splits the wind stream under the bumper sodas now, more cooling comes into the engine compartment. Decisive is the LOMA Porsche Panamera also from the side. Beautifully crafted carbon side skirts make the 971 Panamera look significantly more potent than in the series. The light play of the finely worked carbon is visible from every angle. Conclusion: Who wants to give his Panamera a new look without widening the vehicle is perfectly served with the LOMA Carbon Evolution kit. Easy installation and dis-assemblable at any time without leaving a trace. The look is perfect with the 22-inch forged wheels from LOMA.

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Very sportive front shines in beautiful carbon fiber.