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The LOMA Panamera is always an object of desire for the public.

Porsche Panamera Custom Aftermarket Rims in 20, 21, or 22-Inches are available with or without center-lock optics. The Porsche Panamera custom aftermarket rims you see here are just examples of many other wheel designs. The Porsche Panamera is a large, fast, and luxurious five-door hatchback, which was looking launched with a new Generation in 2017. It was designed for people who want to connect to the Porsche brand but be able to use the car more daily. Many Porsche customers do not like the "same look" that all Porsche's have. Only a limited chance for individualization in the Porsche showroom is possible for exterior parts. In this case, we have made a set of beautiful and timeless-looking LOMA GTC Forged Wheels in 22 Inches, in an extraordinary finish called Beluga Black.

The sizes now are on the front 22" x 9.5 and on the rear 22" x 11.0, giving the Panamera an excellent aggressive and powerful look. When it comes to the ride comfort, there is pretty much no difference to the 21-Inch version because of two things. First, the air-ride suspension is working just as before and swallows every wrong road. Second, the tires nowadays are so soft that comfort problems are a topic of the past.

For any questions you may have, please contact us anytime in the United States or in Monaco.

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