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Porsche Panamera Custom Forged Wheels.


Porsche Panamera Custom Forged Wheel Rims in 20 or 21 Inches.

Porsche Panamera Custom Forged Wheels with the LOMA TrackSpec® Technology are unbeatable in performance and exclusivity. Porsche Panamera custom forged wheels by LOMA are available in 20, 21, and 22-Inches. Several finishes such as Diamond Cut gloss or Beluga Black are available to name just a view possibilities. The cherry on top is the floating center cap that simulates, on the one hand, a center-lock system. On the other hand, it is distinctive and flows with Porsche’s design language perfectly.

Porsche Panamera Custom Wheels in diamond cut.

Panamera Custom wheels should contain the Porsche DNA, which is besides all luxury the performance factor. LOMA is specialized in custom forged wheels since 2008 and manufactures with three different production plants true masterpieces. What is the TrackSpec® Technology? As the only custom rims manufacturer, you get a with your set of Porsche Panamera wheels also a 24-month warranty that still sticks even if you race your car on weekends. This means you can have your track-days without spending one single thought. What if? LOMA wheels are a no-brainer because, at LOMA, Motorsport DNA is built-in, not tacked on.

Porsche Panamera Custom Wheels with center lock design.

Designed in Monte Carlo, Monaco, you also get the extra portion of luxury which is part of daily life here. Depending on the result and what fits your character best, LOMA offers a wide range of finishes. The most popular is by far our Beluga Black in a superb-looking satin finish. A super-smooth surface finish is a result as the rims get first anodized and then power-coated, but of course, it's your choice, and if you prefer something in silver, we got it. Liquid Silver satin or gloss would be the next possible choice besides Mars Gold, competition gunmetal, and many more. Remember, the second step is if it will fit your car optically. Step one is to find out what fits your personality best. Contact us today, and let's discuss your bespoke wheels.

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