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Porsche Wheels United Arab Emirates.

Porsche Wheels United Arab Emirates Dubai Hills by LOMA.

LOMA Porsche Wheels United Arab Emirates is even there a standout!

Looking for Porsche Wheels United Arab Emirates, you have to look no further. LOMA wheels are moving, opening its doors in Dubai, and you can enjoy the legendary TrackSpec® Technology all day, every day. The custom forged Porsche wheels United Arab Emirates are made out of the most lightweight forged material on the planet and are born to be driven on the race track or the strip without losing their unique 24-month warranty. You read right, daily driving and daily racing, and your warranty is still valid. Who else offers this kind of warranty? Nobody. Over a decade of racing and endless podium finishes enabled the LOMA Motorsport DNA into our products. The forged TrackSpec® wheels by LOMA are available for all Porsche models, including the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. Depending on what your main activity will be, we offer the Porsche custom rims in 18 and 19-Inches for the pure race track and 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and even 24-Inches for the daily use.

Porsche Wheels United Arab Emirates Satin Beluga Black.

So what about the finish of my Porsche Wheels?

Choose from satin Beluga Black to liquid Titanium, to name just a view. Still, in general, the LOMA brand specializes in bespoke manufacturing, which means the sky is the limit. If you know exactly what you want, great, we will do so, but if not, our team is here to help you all the way to configure the perfect custom wheels combination for your Porsche. One of our rims' nice things is the black carbon badge that will be wearing a custom name of your company, brand, or nickname, for example.

Porsche Wheels United Arab Emirates structured Beluga Black.

What is the TrackSpec® Technology for my Porsche Wheels?

One of the things you appreciate so much about your Porsche is the European technology developed for this car. So much know how tech is all over the place you felt in love with your Porsche. See precisely that is what LOMA is. LOMA wheels are the only European custom wheel manufacturer that creates also racing rims and delivers them to Motorsport Teams all over the world and collect so on the one hand, the information that the teams need to be competitive and on the other hand, unlimited data what it takes to be on the winning street in material killing endurance races. All of that knowledge you will find in every product of the LOMA Group. Contact us today and let us discuss what we can do for you.

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Porsche Wheels United Arab Emirates are born with the LOMA Motorsport DNA


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