Purple Wrapped McLaren 570S Tuning Custom Forged Wheels Brushed in Dark Clear in 20×9,0 and 21×11,5

LOMA McLaren 570S stanced on 20x9,0 and 21x12,5

McLaren 570S with Staggered 21-Inch Forged Wheels

The McLaren 570S is the most sold McLaren of all times. It is the car that also is financed by Leasing from most of the clients according to McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt. LOMA Wheels already gathered a huge amount of experience with Mercedes AMG clients that finance their cars and the set of rims at the same time. It is something that makes sense, as you get your dream car and also your dream wheels in one package by closing the deal with your McLaren Car Leasing agent. The beauty in this picture here is originally black but received a custom wrap to a kind of flashy purple a bit like the famous Lamborghini color. Sport springs and the LOMA SP1-SL Track Spec Superlight are completing the look.

Dream Machine with Bespoke performance wheels by LOMA.

McLaren 570S Tuning that makes sense with LOMA Wheels

When we say, it makes sense than because LOMA Wheels is the only custom rim manufacturer in the wheels industry that uses European T6065 forged aluminium. It is around 30% more lightweight than T6061. We have here now much different possibilities because of the natural stiffness of the material and build so staggered wheels that are more lightweight than from any other manufacturer thus that we offer a 5-year warranty for street and track use, which is Unique in the aftermarket alloy wheels industry. That is how confident we are in our product!

The McLaren 570S received on the front staggered wheels in 20×9,0 with 235/30/20 and on the rear 21×11,5 with 305/30/21 tires. On the back you have now a beautiful deep concave profile with a nice undercut under the spokes. We have over 42,000 finishes but the particular one, is fine brushed with a nice dark tint are what we call Competition Smoke. Contact us today to get your quote and bespoke your McLaren.

LOMA SP1-SL Track Spec Superlight for the McLaren 570S

LOMA SP1-SL Track Spec Superlight for the McLaren 570S

LOMA SP1-SL Track Spec Superlight for the McLaren 570S

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