Range Rover Sport SVR Custom 22 Inch Wheels.

Range Rover Sport SVR Custom 22 Inch Wheels.


These Range Rover Sport SVR custom 22 Inch Wheels in liquid titanium look gorgeous with the white exterior. The 2016 Range Rover Sport SVR shouldn't really exist. Trundling over rough terrain in comfort and confidence, rolling onto a track, hitting speeds over 150 miles per hour, and taking fast corners with a different kind of confidence and composure are abilities that should be mutually exclusive. Yet the SVR doesn't just make a brave stab at both; it actually succeeds. But let's be honest: Who is buying a Sport SUV to hit rough terrain in the world? You see this baby cruising down the boulevard in Monte Carlo rather than playing in the mud. For some of us, it must be even more special. A suspension and forged wheels package by LOMA is what makes the difference.


Sometimes in a while, a composition of sexiness is created like in this case. The LOMA TTF-Superlight forged wheels in 22-Inches are looking merely perfect. A finish looking like from another world called "Liquid Gunmetal" is done in an exceptional and complicated manner. Again, it is typical for the guys at LOMA. Looks like nothing there can be done the "normal" way. LOMA Group CEO Mario Radosavljevic said: Why ordinary when you live extraordinarily? Well, difficult to say something against it. Let's take a closer look at the suspension and the Range Rover lowering links LOMA offers. LOMA offers here also a very nice solution. You reduce your Range Rover up or down +/-70 mm while keeping the full ride comfort of your factory air-ride suspension. That sounds like the perfect solution to us.

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.

Overview of the new 2021 model:

The 2021 Range Rover Sport Supercharged and SVR models are for a different breed of luxury SUV buyer—one who's looking for something with attitude and a thumping V-8 engine. The 5.0-liter mill under the hood of these beasts is supercharged and churns out a healthy 518-hp in its standard guise and a meaty 575-hp in all-out tune for the SVR. High-performance SUVs aren't a new concept; Land Rover has plenty of competition from BMW, Mercedes-AMG, and Porsche. But what makes the Range Rover Sport Supercharged special is how easily it can transition from back-road pounder to off-road superstar. It's got a softer side as well: both the Sport Supercharged and SVR offer luxuriously-outfitted cabins with lots of room for the family. Of course, all this goodness comes at a stiff price—one that reaches quickly into the six-figure range.

What's New for 2021?

A new range-topping SVR Carbon Edition model joins the lineup for 2021. It doesn't offer any additional performance upgrades. Instead, it focuses on a more sinister appearance thanks to exposed carbon fiber on the hood, front bumper, and grille. More carbon fiber trim can be found inside the Carbon Edition's cabin and under the hood; 22-inch gloss-black aluminum wheels are also included.


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