Rolls Royce Dawn with 22 Inch Custom Forged Alloy Rims.

Rolls Royce Dawn with 22 Inch Custom Forged Alloy Rims.

Rolls Royce Dawn with 22 Inch Custom Forged Alloy Rims in liquid Titanium looks nothing less but excellent on the Dawn. What a spec and what a view! A gorgeous Rolls Royce Dawn in a lovely Salamanca Blue exterior color combined with a Seashell interior finish. Rolling big in the Rolls Royce Dawn is part of the game as you can be sure to have that extra portion of attention. What really drops jaws is when you take the next step and individualize your Dawn with bespoke forged wheels made by LOMA. The luxury wheels manufacturer is trusted by thousands of customers since 2008 and established itself for luxury car fashion. In this case, we have a sportive-looking LOMA SP1 Superlight wheels set finished in Competition Gunmetal which is a lovely satin Matt anodized alloy wheel. Rolls Royce Tuning at LOMA is something that has tradition, especially when you consider that they are located in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and are dealing daily with customers that own the best things money can buy. In front and rear, you now have a 22-Inch forged wheel that is perfect for those who want to use the car more often and face terrible road conditions from time to time. Combined with LOMA´s suspension upgrade, you have a more sportive stance without compromising the ride comfort. Overall, another LOMA Rolls Royce is off the charts and screams dream car from every angle. Contact us today to get your set for your Dawn.

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.


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