Stanced Lamborghini Urus on Custom 23 Inch Wheel Rims.

Stanced Lamborghini Urus on Custom 23 Inch Wheel Rims.

Beast Mode for this stanced Lamborghini Urus on 23 Inch wheel rims in Cannes, France, as you expect from us. This Urus is significantly lowered with our Suspension Upgrade and can be adjusted +/- 70 millimeters in height. So it's only up to you how low you want to Go with your Lamborghini Tuning. The exceptional ride comfort and ride performance stay untouched beside the super aggressive optics, the primary key to do it. A bespoke set of forged wheels for your Urus Tuning is a must with this gorgeous looking LOMA RS1 Superlight wheels in 23-Inches. They look classy and aggressive simultaneously, precisely what the Urus should have. That LOMA makes the most lightweight forged rims in the wheels industry known for a very long time, so it is for this Urus. In this specification, they can be driven with factory tires. Simultaneously, we reduced the weight significantly compared to the stock rims. You bought the car for optics, exclusivity, and for performance, and that is what LOMA is all about. It is for the Gentleman that recognizes this difference at first sight. Contact us today to get your package right away.

See the LOMA Google Reviews here and the LOMA onsite customer reviews here.


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