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The Brand New Performance Chip Tuning by LOMA.

The story continues!

Over a year of preparation to offer the best possible product on the market. LOMA continues the long history of engine modifications by choosing the potential best partners for this Performance Chip-Tuning product.

It all started in 2009, a full year after the LOMA brand's birth with a 1250 HP engine in a Corvette C6 GT2 Widebody. Back in this day's the idea was revolutionary because the goal was to have a track monster that can be driven daily without compromises. After short brainstorming, things were clear. A new engine with a 7.45 Liter must be created to achieve the goal, and so we did. Today is the LOMA Corvette, one of the most viewed car videos on the internet, and this for a reason. We competed on the quarter-mile with other Tuners and private customers who were not afraid to see where they were, and we won every race. Now it's time for a new chapter.

Over 3,5 Million views is a clear statement for the LOMA Corvette!

The New Goal is more Power with a 10 Minute Installation for +15% Power!

Let's talk some numbers. A 2015 Bentley Continental GT Speed coming with 635 HP's from the factory runs with our Stage 1 Performance Chip now with 730 HP's and this without a performance filter, performance exhaust, or a down-pipe. The Mercedes AMG GT comes from the factory with 462 HP's runs with our Stage 1 Package with 531 HP's and again, with no extra modifications on the car.