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Widebody 3 Piece Wheels.

Widebody 3 Piece Wheels.

The Widebody 3 Piece Wheels for the LOMA GT2 C6 Corvette Body Kit look incredible and super aggressive. We use for the widebody 3 piece wheels the sizes of 19x10 ET0 on the front and 20x12 ET1 on the rear. A beautiful double-step lip gives the rims a very nice depth, while the forged centerpiece with hidden or exposed hardware does the rest. One of the most ordered designs for our C6 Corvette widebody is the LOMA GTC TrackSpec wheel. Sportive, timeless and aggressive, just as a 3 piece custom wheel should be. But looking at 3 piece wheel vs 1 piece wheel, we have to mention that we offer the same design as a monoblock design. Finished in gloss Beluga Black on the barrel and satin Beluga Black on the centerpiece. The hardware can be polished in silver or black to have that Murdered Out look.

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3 Piece wheels vs 1 Piece wheels.

Corvette Widebody 3 Piece Wheels.


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