Since the very beginning, LOMA was an idea of pure Motorsport racing transferred to the street. This doesn't mean you get forged useless wheels in your daily life. It is vice versa. Many of our clients are so happy and satisfied with our creations that they want more for luxury sedans and SUVs. 

Winning Championships on the Nurburgring Nordschleife and producing custom-forged racing wheels for single teams and their needs was eye-opening. We learned so much about what needs to be done first. To be first, you have to finish first. So the idea of Superlight weight material combined with extreme longevity was born. You don't have second chances in a 24H race.

LOMA Wheels are distinctive and incomparable to every other custom-made wheel in the wheels industry.

Our first Motorsport Racing Wheel, called GT Competition, was like so many other things we invited, unseen in the wheels industry. LOMA constructed the spokes' shape to match the human's hand form so that the mechanics have a more secure workflow when every tenth of a second count. 

The GT Competition forged wheel was used for the first time in 2014 with the Ferrari 458 SP8 on the Nurburgring Nordschleife and was a success straight away.

The LOMA GT Competition Racing Wheel impacted the wheels industry because several teams were on board from day one. LOMA generated endless wins with this Mercedes AMG GT3, which was equipped with our product right after Mercedes AMG's purchase in Affalterbach.

Let's not forget that LOMA is also off the charts with Aerodynamic parts. In 2009, our CEO Mario Radosavljevic created the first Wide Bodykit in the world that LOMA built for daily and heavy race track use. We won the 12H of Sebring with it.

Since then, the LOMA GT2 Widebody kit has become legendary in the automotive industry. One of our biggest honors was when the GM Corvette Racing Team voted for the industry's best aftermarket Bodykit. LOMA can see pics of this meeting below in the gallery.

LOMA is, of course, also active as Sponsor. If this is the International 24H Racing Series or another significant event, be sure LOMA is on board. Motorsport events like these give a deep inside at what Racing Teams need to be competitive and win. It also gives us an idea of their thoughts and what is important to them.

It is part of our success story to be involved in the racing action and not just talk about it.
LOMA Wheels are the only custom-forged luxury wheels with Motorsport DNA.