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Below are the terms and conditions of LOMA’s warranty policy. LOMA reserves the right to change its warranty policy at any time, without notice. Warranty claims must go through the authorized dealer which originally sold the wheel. The retail customer’s receipt and the authorized dealer’s invoice must be sent with the wheel. LOMA will inspect and determine if the wheel will be covered under warranty. LOMA is not responsible for shipping or transportation of wheels for warranty consideration. LOMA will, at its discretion, repair, refinish, or replace wheels within one year of purchase date. No refunds, no exchanges. The wheels are warrantied for 12 months against the chrome cracking, peeling or other cosmetic defects, as long as proper maintenance has been done. Wheel corrosion is not covered. Other non-chrome finishes are not covered under warranty. The wheels have a 3 year limited structural warranty. Our structural warranty will guarantee the replacement of your wheel in the event of a structural failure caused by a manufacturer defect only.


The LOMA Group and LOMA Automotive Design LLC fully acknowledge the challenges shipping companies face, particularly in light of recent disruptions caused by lockdowns, natural disasters, and other factors beyond our control. We are also aware that shipping problems may arise due to shortages of supply caused by war situations, sanctions, embargos, or any other disturbances in production and transportation services.

While we remain fully committed to providing high-quality products and will make every effort to ensure fast shipping and production times, we understand that shipping costs may rise unexpectedly in some cases. To address this issue, LOMA is covering up to 20% more on shipping costs in cases they rise without asking the customer to repay the balance. However, please note that due to the pandemic and war situations currently, many shipping companies have gone bankrupt, and the remaining ones have periodically increased prices by up to 800%. In such cases, LOMA will and cannot cover the balance and will try to find a better option to save shipping costs, or if necessary, cover 20% more by itself just to fulfill the order of its customer. If neither option is possible, LOMA reserves the right to wait until the shipping prices come back to a normal and acceptable level.

It should be noted that cancellations for items that are in stock and where the shipping process has already been organized and paid for are not possible after 14 days. Cancellations for custom-made items are not possible after 7 days. Additionally, cancellations are not possible due to government decisions or lost items.

By making payment, you agree to our terms and conditions, cancellation policy, and data protection policies. The LOMA Group and LOMA Automotive Design LLC reserve the right to update these policies periodically to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Warranty will be void by LOMA if:

– Wheels that are painted or finished by anyone else or a third party.
– Wheels are disassembled.
– Wheels are used for racing applications.
– Pressure washers used at most car washes will damage wet painted wheels and void the warranty (exception are anodized and powder coated wheels).
– Wheels are damaged by weather or road conditions, hazards/accidents; physical/chemical, sand, snow, salt, brake dust or other corrosive substances.
– Wheels are not installed properly. (Wrong lug nuts, studs, balancing weights and torque)
– Wheels are altered (Changing PCD, HUB, Offset)

Important information from LOMA:

– Aftermarket Wheels installation may require some vehicle modification….for which LOMA is not responsible.
– Wheels should be inspected for proper fit prior to tire mounting.
– Returned Wheels are subject to a 25% restocking fee. No Exceptions.
– Re-torque lug nuts after 50 miles of driving.
– Wheels should only be cleaned with soft soap and water.

For more information please contact us at

shipping and returns


Nad Al Sheba, Dubai

The United Arab Emirates

T: 0800 035 703 367


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