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LOMA Wheels are born with the Motorsport DNA pared with luxury right out of Monte Carlo, Monaco. For anyone who is a new comer to the sports or luxury car market, you could possibly wonder what all the fuss is about regarding wheels. After all, aren’t all wheels simply the same? You could ask also, if all shoes where the same, but once you purchased a beautiful pair at Hermes anywhere in the world, your answer will be pretty obvious. However, it's easy to discover not all the wheels are top quality and you purchase not simply wheels, you place yourself among the successful with a top brand like LOMA. To figure out why people love custom LOMA forged wheels, you need to be aware of a small amount of about wheels in general. Here's what you need to understand. Forged wheels are manufactured through an entirely different process than for example the wheels you have on your sports car or luxury sedan from the factory. Other than being poured into a mold, a strong billet of aluminum is forced by using quantity of forging dies under tremendous 52 tons of pressure. This creates a very different crystalline structure within the metal. Forged wheels contain a cross-linked grain structure that makes them extra light, extra strong, and extra tough. Fortunately they are much more impact-resistant than cast wheels. LOMA Monoblock Forged Wheels are incredibly strong, that the company in Monaco don´t have any problems to offer you a manufacturer's warranty on the composition even if driven on the race track. That´s how comfortable they are and that´s by the way, Unique in the wheels industry till today.