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LOMA® | a masterpiece, owned by only a discerning few.


That’s what you’ve been looking for so long.
This is LOMA®.

We are proud to offer to our US clients now a direct sales solution of the full LOMA® wheel line up via the first home based dealer. All sales and technical aspects will be handled by Tino Bethig.

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We are not just luxury custom wheels. We are LOMA®.
Incomparable with anything else in the market today

LOMA® defines distinction. Our exquisite collection of European performance and luxury wheels promises speed, strength and synergy. For you, every purchase is an extension and revelation of who you are. LOMA® wheels won’t just take you places; it will redefine your journey.



The flowforming wheel of the future.

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Concave forged wheels tailored for you.

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European Performance and Luxury Wheels
for European Performance and Luxury Cars

Europe is an emblem of iconic design and brilliant engineering. It showcases a wealth of luxury products that are designed to delight! From intricate Audemars Piquet watches, refined Chardonnais, the finest Buccellati gold to intelligently sculpted supercars that roar to life… Europe has created a new benchmark when it comes to impeccable style and dynamic performance.

LOMA® Performance Wheels – made in Germany – are engineered for perfection. Widely recognized by car enthusiasts it offers more control, more power, a better experience. Go beyond expectations. Push beyond boundaries. Charter your own course. Demonstrating advanced technology it matches raw dynamism with cutting-edge design. Each concave profile is built to exacting standards. While designed for style, it delivers on performance, durability and impact. Whether it’s a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, McLaren or Porsche that graces your garage, it’s time to join the LOMA® revolution.




LOMA® is a custom wheel manufacturer based in Marbella, Spain and Munich, Germany. All of the wheels are built and finished in house using all European parts.

LOMA® is a company based on producing what we call a “prototype” or custom individually engineered and manufactured wheel made to our customer’s exact specification. They are not intended to be mass-produced, high-volume manufacturing style wheels. Instead, they are low volume, high quality, individualized wheels made for the clientele who understands and appreciates this. They are not intended to compete with other wheel brands which may very well be produced faster and for less money. We choose to focus on design, quality, and service. Our production / manufacturing system is not designed for high volume or quick completion, and we’ve never advertised our wheels as this kind of product. For those clients under the assumption that we are operating with this intent and / or require a wheel that is comparable to others in terms of lead time and pricing, our process may not be best suited for this type of client request. Our clientele consists mainly of automotive enthusiasts who understand that quality takes time and who clearly can identify the differences between these wheels and others. They are not for everyone and are not intended for a wide audience. When ordering LOMA® Wheels we prefer that you or your client fully understand this and are advised on our company policies, lead times and reasoning behind these details. We understand that some clients do not need anything more than what is normally offered by other wheel brands, and we respect the decision not to buy our wheels if this is the case.

LOMA® isn’t one amongst the many. It’s in a league of its own. You’re here because you won’t settle for less than perfection.