Since 2008 LOMA is specialized in the production of Luxury Wheels. We offer a wide assortment of forged wheels, Performance Rims, Exclusive Rims or Luxury Wheels. In particular, you will find forged wheels for the vehicle brands of Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes AMG and Rolls Royce.


Here is a video, which shows unvarnished, what makes LOMA forged wheels so special. An infinite play of light that emphasizes every little detail. Design and innovation for over 10 years now. Polystyrene snipping in the packing box and unpolished, they still stand out from any other forged rims. Now imagine the following:

Your LOMA forged wheels, high gloss polished and mounted on your vehicle. Full of admiration of those who look at your vehicle.

These are LOMA forged wheels.


LUXURY WHEELS you’ve been looking for.

Finally, the time has come. You finally got your Bentley after such a long wait and all the options proved to be absolutely right. After entering your new Bentley Continental GT or Bentayga for the first time, satisfaction is the first feeling. Everything is in line and harmonious. The tour around the car shows you that the balloon tires with the optically far too small rims does not really fit your picture of your car. The wheels could be a bit bigger and a little more conspicuous, but not over the top. That’s exactly what luxury wheels from LOMA® are. Designed to blend in with the standard suspension and by no means disturb the ride, LOMA‘s luxury 22 wheels are the only choice. A daily luxury ride, feel joy daily without compromising.

With a lot of tact and know-how we have been manufacturing Bentley rims for more than a decade now. Whether you opt for the sportier version with our 24h hubcaps, like for your Mulliner or the original Bentley hubcaps which are fix mounted and doesn’t spin with the rim, LOMA offers you both. Above all else, luxury wheels offer one thing, no compromises in a concept that has already spread in your mind. The “LOMA SP1-MB” luxury wheels are specially designed for your Bentley Continental GT, Mulsane or Bentayga and depending on the surface finish, emphasize the sporty or luxurious character of your vehicle.

Also, our newly developed lowering for your air suspension, is consistent and leaves the standard comfort unchanged. Only the height is adjusted in an options window from 20 mm to 60 mm. You alone determine how much sportiness your Bentley should emit.

Talk to us, we advise and you decide.




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In 2018, the wheel market has grown so much that it is difficult to get an overview. More than ever it is important to seek advice from the specialist in order to find the right performance or luxury wheels for your vehicle. Over the last 10 years our target group has crystallized and for this reason we are clearly positioned in the sports cars segment for the Ferrari and Lamborghini brands. In the luxury wheels segment, we focus on Bentley and Rolls Royce because we believe that the company philosophy of both companies is perfectly complemented by our products.
In both cases, we do not offer “Tuning” products, but rather a supplement and differentiation. Performance rims must be the lightest wheels we can produce for our sports car enthusiastic clientele and luxury rims must have an irresistible and clearly recognizable design to make the differentiation visible at first glance.

The term luxury wheels stands for us in connection with our clientele who can and want to afford luxury in other areas of life. LOMA has a long tradition in Racing, whether as a team supplier or as a sponsor. Always in the middle of the action, measuring and listening what moves the teams and drivers. What is needed and what is considered as good or bad. Since 2008, LOMA specializes in luxury wheels and many years of development will be found in our today’s product range. To incorporate these insights into a product is something that can only be achieved with great sensitivity and knowledge which differentiates us from any other supplier in our industry.

Luxury and performance you have to live yourself to have a basis for an advisory conversation.
We advise, you decide.