European Performance and Luxury wheels, for European Performance and Luxury Cars. The LOMA® collection is not for everyone, but for those who demand only the best of what Life has to offer.
The exclusive LOMA® wheels are made for



































Europe Dominates the Luxury, Automotive and Motorsport Markets – Worldwide

Designer fashion, excellent wines or toys for men – Europe has traditionally been a treasure trove for the luxury goods the world wants. A well-deserved reputation indeed, judging by fabulous items like the Hermès handbag for spoiling the one you love, or the perfect Chardonnais to delight your senses. Let’s not forget the Ferrari that is waiting for you in your garage, right next to the Bentley Mulsanne, ready to let loose next weekend.

LOMA® forged wheels – made in Germany – are no exception. They embody the prestige and technology that Europe has been giving to the world. Luxury like this reminds us daily that our actions are crowned with success. Successful people reward themselves with luxury and performance from Europe, especially from “Good Old Germany.”
LOMA® | everything else are just forged wheels.